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Only few links are working right now, but soon all site will work. I have an idea of making forum for this site, but first I need some content on site. And that`s why this boring teThanks for patience! :)


This site is some kind of blog, but I made it because blog sites don`t allow me to completely modifiy and customize site according to my wishes. Here I will write my thoughts, upload latest programs I made, recomandations for music, my puzzles`s records, some photos and school stuff. With time, this site will become huge, and I plan to update it quite often. Made by Dragan Ocko Okanovic!


If you have any advice for design please tell me that on Interfejs forum or comment it on Facebook. Any idea that might help is good.


Some parts of this site can be seen only by people who have passwords for that part of site. If you want passowrds too, you can contact me and I`ll consider your request.


This site is completely made with Notepad++, using Strict (X)HTML 1.0. :)

What`s the point

This web page is for testing purpose only. It is made to show example themes for Algorithm of Life web page. It is intended to be seen by Interfejs™ forum members for discussion. Cheers!